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August 27, 2006

Gothic 2 Interview

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Gothic 2 Interview

Garrett, 2002-06-04

Gothic 1 was a great RPG which has received equally great reviews all over the world. When Piranha Bytes announced they are working on a sequel, we immediately contacted their representative Michael Hoge and were granted an interview in the february of 2002. So why are we bringing you the interview in June only? Take a look here and be aware, that some info in the following Q&A is not up to date any more. Still, there is enough fresh info about Gothic 2…

RPGDot: The ending in Gothic 1 was quite unsatisfactory and quick. Is is true, that further development of the title would have brought you in financial troubles?

Michael Hoge: Yes, that’s true. We worked on Gothic 1 for more than 3 years. It took that long, because none of us has worked on a similar large project before and we were like rookies. But for a bunch of unexperienced newbies, I believe, we have achieved a lot!

RPGDot: Then Gothic 2 will continue where Gothic 1 left off and include the original story?

Michael Hoge: Exactly, yes! It is continuing right after Gothic 1!

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RPGDot: How large is the gaming world compared to part 1? Can we also visit the prison part 1 took place in?

Michael Hoge: The world is approximately three times larger. Whether we will include the ‚old world‘, I can’t tell yet! 😉

RPGDot: As I understand, there will be real cities now. Do you have to join them or camps within them?

Michael Hoge: We have continued the concept from Gothic 1 (i.e. character development during the game and not in the beginning with a lot of statistics. We like it best that way and we hope, a lot of people out there do so as well). So, to answer your question: Yes, you can join one of the various guilds or camps.

RPGDot: You are using the same graphics engine as in part 1. What has been changed or optimized?

Michael Hoge: We have optimized a lot of things, but most of them will not be visible while playing (except that the graphics are faster now). To name a few visible changes, we now have

  • moving water with waves
  • environmental mapping
  • wind, that moves gras, bushes, trees and other particles in different wind directions
  • improved textures resolutions
  • and a lot of other technical gimmicks But even though, the world looks a lot better than in Gothic 1, I believe this is not a minor aspect – primarily, we see about a cool story and more various and sophisticated game play options for the player than in the first part!

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    RPGDot: Will there be changes in the RPG system? Will there be more statistics, skills etc?

    Michael Hoge: The system will be almost unchanged, There are a more distinguished combat talents now and dependencies between some of the talents. Also, there are more talents overall than in Gothic 1.

    RPGDot: Will women play a larger part than in part 1?

    Michael Hoge: Yes, we have included a lot of female characters – this time, the ladies can do more than just cleaning the floor or waving air 😉 – to be more precisely: Without any exception, women can do the same things like men (even pee while standing 🙂 – except for the stature and movement, there’s no difference anymore!

    RPGDot: Is Kai Rosenkranz writing the score for Gothic 2, as he did for Gothic 1? How about a special edition of the game, including the soundtrack?

    Michael Hoge: Good idea, we will think about it. Of course Kai is doing the music again!

    RPGDot: And when will we be able to play Gothic 2?

    Michael Hoge: 😉 [Note from the editor: It will be released in the fall 2002, as in the meantime it has been announced]!

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